Intuitive Solutions for Energy Conservation


Contact us – we will help you choose the right solution for each of your buildings.

The power of AztechMeter lays in the breadth of information that it provides through its customized dashboard, and its powerful trend analysis and reporting.

Providing circuit-level data and comprehensive real-time current and historical data,  this is sub-metering designed for companies with a transformative energy management vision for their facilities.

How does AztechMeter work?
What can we measure and manage with AztechMeter?
How does AztechMeter enable savings and business risk mitigation?

A few steps to accessing powerful energy management insights:

1 icon Contact Aztech to find out which solution is right for you

  • AztechMeter is designed for commercial and large industrial enterprises using 3-phase power.
  • Scalable, for sub-metering multiple circuits (36+)
  • For 200A to 3000A services (custom voltage and amperage available).
  • Click here to contact a commercial metering solutions representative.

2 icon Complete a business and sub-metering goals assessment with Aztech

  • We will work with you to define your goals and the scope of your project.

3 icon Take part in on-site sub-metering assessments

  • We’ll drill down into the particulars of your sub-metering needs, panel by panel, machine by machine.

4 icon Receive  a custom designed metering solution

  • Aztech will design your sub-metering system based on your goals and site assessments.
  • Your solution will be installed and commissioned.
  • Basic and advanced analytics training is available.

4 icon Use this powerful business tool

  • Monitor and track your energy use.
  • Identify equipment and processes to update to enable deep energy savings.
  • Raise awareness with all departments and staff about energy usage and conservation plans.

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