Intuitive Solutions for Energy Conservation

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Optio™ FAQ

Overview How the Aztech Optio™ Works Operating Your Optio™


  1. What is an Aztech Optio™?
    The Optio is a Home Area Network (HAN) energy monitor that provides you with accurate, actionable information about your whole home electricity usage. The Optio™ is designed to provide your entire family with immediate feedback about how much electricity they are using and which tier of your rate plan you are in, currently.
  2. Who can benefit from using an Optio™?
    The Optio™ is designed for home residents and business owners who want to monitor and control their electricity costs. The Optio™ provides timely information to empower people to reduce their electricity bill, and their carbon footprint.  For maximum benefit, your Optio™ should be placed in a highly visible location in the home or business – such as a kitchen, family or staff room, or reception area.
  3. How does the Optio™Optio™ help you save and conserve?
    The light disc gives you feedback about how much electricity you are using,  and the tier of your rate plan you are in, currently. This feedback will enable you to identify energy hogging appliances (the light will move faster when you turn one on), and take immediate action to reduce your use in times of high rates.

How Does the Optio™ Work?

  1. Do I need a certain type of Meter to use the Optio™?
    Yes, you will need a compatible Smart electricity meter. If you purchase your Optio from Aztech or receive it from your utility, your utility company will verify that it will work with your Smart meter.
  2. How does the Optio™ receive updates from my Smart meter?
    The Optio™ communicates wirelessly with the Smart meter installed on your home. Most Smart meters provide new data every minute, although some meters only provide data hourly.
  3. Can I have more than one Optio™ in my home working at the same time?
    Yes, you may install more than one Optio and/or In-Home Display in your home or business. Using more than one Aztech energy monitor will ensure that everyone will have immediate energy use feedback in areas where a lot of electricity is being used.  
  4. Must the Optio™ be within a certain range of the Smart meter?
    If your Optio™ is not receiving use information, try moving it closer to the Smart meter to establish a good connection.

How Do I Operate My Optio™ ?

  1. Can I setup the Optio™myself?
    Yes, your Optio™ is easy to set up and does not require wiring or an electrician’s visit. The Optio™ Owner’s Guide provides easy to understand instructions for setting up your Optio™.
  2. How do I turn the Optio™ on and off?
    Just plug the Optio™ in! We suggest you that don’t unplug the Optio™ during normal operation as you will lose important feedback about your electricity usage.
  3. How do I use the button?
    There is a capacitive touch button located in the ‘dimple’ on the face of the Optio™. Use it to return the Optio™ lights to displaying electricity usage information after you receive a utility message alert (see below). You may also need to use this button to ‘re-join’ your Optio™. Your utility company will let you know if re-joining is necessary.
  4. Why are the lights on my Optio™ flashing?
    From time to time your utility company may need to send you email messages about important events, conservation and billing. Your Optio™ lights will flash as an alert that your utility has sent you an email or text message. Simply press the button for a second to immediately return to displaying electricity usage information.
  5. Do I have to keep my Optio™ plugged in?
    Your Optio™ runs on 120V AC power and needs to be plugged in to work.
  6. Do I have to update electricity rates or time changes?
    One of the great things about the Optio™ is that electricity rates, holiday rate and daylight savings time changes are updated automatically if these features are supported by your utility company.