Intuitive Solutions for Energy Conservation

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Aztech Solutions and Tools

Aztech offers a range of solutions and tools for residential and commercial energy monitoring, utility fleet tracking, and pro tools for utility meter shops and energy managers.

Residential Energy Monitoring  •  Commercial Energy Monitoring

Professional Tools for Utilities, Energy Managers and Auditors  •  Fleet Tracking


Residential Energy Monitoring

Aztech’s  consumer facing solutions ensure residential customers receive the accurate, timely information
they need to become your conservation partners. Our AMI connected energy monitors have the expandability and interoperability that support your long
term conservation and customer engagement goals.  The intuitive design of the Aztech IHD and the Optio means greater conservation program engagement, and lower program attrition.  Available in Smart Energy and EnergyAxis 9000 versions, they integrate seamlessly with advanced metering infrastructure systems, and support multiple meter manufacturers’ Smart meters – no retrofits required.

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Aztech In-Home Display

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  • AMI connected
  • Wi-Fi available
  • Light arc colour & speed provide immediate consumption and tier feedback
  • LCD screen present detailed usage information and graphs
  • Real-time, ‘billing grade’ data
  • Instantaneous reads
  • Automatic OTA rate, rate structure and DST updates
  • Remote commissioning and firmware upgrades
  • Utility messaging

See our Reports and Studies  page  for recent Aztech In-Home Display business case and pilot studies with PG&E and Peterborough Utilities.

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New for 2015, the Optio is perfect for programs that require a low cost AMI connected energy display. It’s a simple and comprehensive tool for forward facing utility companies.

  • Intuitive use of light to communicate relative electricity usage and price
  • Provides the real-time information customers need to take immediate savings actions
  • Functionality ensures that your customers’ never have to update time, price or plan changes
  • Alerts customers to utility email messages
  • Use as second energy monitor (and range extender) in homes with an Aztech In-Home Display

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Commercial Energy Monitoring

C&I Product Sheet_D 097-1117 D00AztechMeter and Aztech CEM + – CT Clamps with Energy Dashboards

Enable your customers to meet demand reduction and peak shifting goals. Whether your customers use single phase or 3-phase power, need to meter or sub-meter, we have a solution that will help them meet their goals.  

  • Wired or wireless solutions – whichever is right for the facility
  • Metering, and sub-metering at panel or equipment and systems levels
  • 200A to 3000A services

We provide turn-key solutions for your business, C&I customers.  Contact us to discuss how we can help your customers.

Pro Tools for Utilities, Energy Managers and Auditors

Please contact us at for Pro Tool pricing and specification information.

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Remote Load Control Switch

Reduce your customers’ demand and peak load, and increase your demand response potential with the Aztech Load Control Switch.

  • Real-time control
  • Time of day schedules for auto controls
  • Responsive to TOU
  • Adaptive control Algorithms
  • Network overrides

Variable Load Simulators    

Never set up a demo meter attached to a piece of  plywood, again! Available in a Rugged Go Kit for when you are on the move (whether it’s down the hall or across the country); and as bench top Wedge.

  • Load simulators for demos and testing
  • Fit Form Factor 2s meters
  • Generate variable loads up to 20kW at 240VAC
  • Draw less than an amp
  • Simulate consumption or generation

Data Logger

Never worry about being able to log data – regardless of where you are. Aztech’s Data Logger Go Kit is Internet independent, enabling you to take on any job site with confidence.

  • Logs data to an SD Card
  • 200 A – 3000 A service
  • Single and poly-phase

Fleet Tracking

Asset Tracking_D 097-1117 E00Asset Tracking Tags

Manage your bucket trucks, service vehicles and all your valuable maintenance assets. Turn global visibility into money saving actions with Aztech’s family of rugged asset tracking solutions. Aztech’s custom engineering services ensure that you have the custom interfaces and sensors that you need to manage your fleet.

  • 2 way communications
  • Robust sealed enclosures
  • Internal antennas
  • Global satellite coverage
  • – 45 to + 85 operations temperature range
  • Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
  • Custom Sensors: geo-fencing, asset utilization, time on site, driver safety, etc.