Intuitive Solutions for Energy Conservation

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Aztech supports your renewable energy customers

The Aztech In-Home Display (ZigBee edition) provides unique comparative information for residential renewable energy customers.

  • Disaggregates ‘net’ data to provide information about both the electricity generated and consumed
  • Communicates with the Smart meter to display real-time information about electricity generation and consumption
  • Can be configured and reconfigured by the user to display the information most useful to their conservation efforts at any given
  • Screen configurations: electricity generated, electricity generated and consumed, or simply, electricity consumed

Available where the Aztech In-Home Display (ZigBee edition) is used by renewable energy customers and supported by the electric utility.

Over the next 6 years, each LDC (electric distribution company) will be asked and indeed challenged to meet their targets because we know that Conservation is one of the cleanest and most cost-effective energy resources.  At Queen’s Park, we believe that Conservation also provides individual consumers with the most practical ...
The design of the Aztech In-Home Display LCD screen and Light Arc really draw customers’ attention.-  Ryan Hamid, Director, Conservation Programs & Development, Ecofitt
In the six weeks since we started using our Aztech In-Home Display we have become very aware of our electricity usage. When you can see the amount of electricity being used in real time you can do something about it.- Chuck, PG&E Customer
The instantaneous (Quick Read) feature is the main reason I bought the IHD. We are going to benefit from being aware of what each electrical appliance consumes, and knowing when to shift our usage to a time of day when the rates are lower. Both of these things ...
Peterborough Utilities Services has a long history of deploying leading edge conservation concepts and devices to our customers. Our experience with load control and load shifting spans 40 years. So, it should be no surprise to our customers when we chose to deploy an energy display to our ...
Aztech’s technical support and customer service has been fantastic! Their support during our utility deployment was invaluable - they were on top of any issue that arose.-  Ryan Hamid, Director, Conservation Programs & Development, Ecofitt,  Providing LDC support for peaksaver and peaksaver PLUS programs 
The great functionality of the Aztech IHD and its success as an educational tool made choosing it for our peaksaverPLUS customers an easy decision. Customers young and old use the IHD light arc to easily visualize their electricity consumption and reduce/shift their use to less expensive Time of ...
By understanding how much electricity we use it has also helped me size the back-up generator for our home. I would recommend this product for anyone interested in conserving electricity and saving money.- Westario Power Inc. customer
The Aztech IHD helped me sell my peaksaver PLUS program by promoting the shift of energy use to off-peak periods. We have 22% of our eligible customers signed up for peaksaver PLUS and are working towards our goal of having 33% of our residential customers using an Aztech ...
It's an awesome tool!-  San Diego Gas & Electric customer

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