Intuitive Solutions for Energy Conservation

Aztech wordmark+House_WB grey_300wAztech In-Home Display - residential and commercial

Feature rich and easy to use, the Aztech In-Home Display shows you how much electricity you are using, when you are using it and how much it costs.


Optio wordmark_Grey_Red

Optio - residential and commercial

With its intuitive use of light to communicate relative electricity usage and price, the Optio provides you with the real-time information you need to take immediate savings actions.

Available to Utilities

Smart Grid Connected

Aztech Energy Monitors for home and business are part of an integrated (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) system which enables our monitors to receive accurate, real-time utility grade electricity usage data. This connectivity ensures that your pricing, pricing plan and DST changes are automatically updated.

Will Aztech Solutions Work
with My Smart Meter?

Because Aztech Energy Monitors are part of an integrated system, they communicate directly with Smart meters. This also means that the energy monitor and the rest of the system need seamless interoperability. If your Utility Company is listed on our Utility Company Interoperability list our monitors will have been validated on its AMI system. Note: If you are an industrial or commercial user with a transformer meter, your ZigBee meter may need to be configured by your utility to allow the Aztech IHD to display usage data properly.  This should be confirmed prior to placing your IHD order.

  • Stop Wasting Electricity Stop Wasting Electricity

    In-Home Displays have been proven to reduce energy usage by up to 10%. Use your Aztech to increase your energy awareness and eliminate unnecessary use.

  • Start Saving Money  Start Saving Money

    An Aztech energy monitor enables you to take control of  your energy use and make informed decisions that will help you save money.

  • Protect the Environment  Protect the Environment

    Using less electricity will help reduce the need for increased electricity production and its impact on the environment.

The design of the Aztech In-Home Display LCD screen and Light Arc really draw customers’ attention.-  Ryan Hamid, Director, Conservation Programs & Development, Ecofitt
In the six weeks since we started using our Aztech In-Home Display we have become very aware of our electricity usage. When you can see the amount of electricity being used in real time you can do something about it.- Chuck, PG&E Customer
It’s going to facilitate better pool pump and chlorination system management in the summer so that we conserve electricity and reduce the amount of electricity we are using during more expensive rate periods.- Westario Power Inc. customer
It's an awesome tool!-  San Diego Gas & Electric customer
The instantaneous (Quick Read) feature is the main reason I bought the IHD. We are going to benefit from being aware of what each electrical appliance consumes, and knowing when to shift our usage to a time of day when the rates are lower. Both of these things ...
My name is Elijah, one of my chores is the dishwasher. I don't start the dishwasher unless the light arc is green.- 11 yr. old Peterborough Utilities customer
We have only had our Aztech IHD for two weeks and it’s already enabling our conservation efforts. The ability of this unit to run on battery and wireless for Quick Reads is helping us determine how much power our appliances and electrical household equipment is drawing. We ...
...It's very simple to use, and technology and I don't really get along, and I could install it fine. It tells you high-peak time or off-peak time, so if I am going to do something, I am going to wait the extra hour so that it's off-peak, so ...
Customers have access to important information, including the 24 hour and 30 day screens without having to go online. They don’t need to change the pricing twice a year because it is done automatically, and we can send messages to them via the IHD.-  Rene Beaulne, ...
Now that customers are on Time of Use rates, the true value of the information being presented is being realized - customers are embracing the Aztech Technology.- David Whitehouse, Director of Customer/Corporate Services and the Conservation Officer, Peterborough Utilities