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What people are saying about the Aztech In-Home Display

  In the six weeks since we started using our Aztech In-Home Display we have become very aware of our electricity usage. When you can see the amount of electricity being used in real time you can do something about it. The instantaneous (Quick Read) feature is the main reason I bought the IHD. We are going to benefit from being aware of what each electrical appliance consumes, and knowing when to shift our usage to a time of day when the rates are lower. Both of these things will help us lower our electrical bill. If you want to get a handle on you electrical usage the Aztech give you the information to do so.

– Chuck, PG&E customer 


  “We have only had our Aztech IHD for two weeks and it’s already enabling our conservation efforts. The ability of this unit to run on battery and wireless is helping us determine how much power our appliances and electrical household equipment is drawing. We found out that our 12 year old refrigerator was running continuously and has to be replaced.

It’s going to facilitate better pool pump and chlorination system management in the summer so that we conserve electricity and reduce the amount of electricity we are using during more expensive rate periods.

By understanding how much electricity we use it has also helped me size the back-up generator for our home. I would recommend this product for anyone interested in conserving electricity and saving money.”

–  Mark, Westario Power Inc. customer


  “Aztech’s technical support and customer service has been fantastic! Their support during our utility deployment was invaluable – they were on top of any issue that arose. The design of the Aztech In-Home Display LCD screen and light arc really draw customers’ attention. Customers really enjoy being able to see their electricity consumption and tiered pricing in near real-time.

One thing that really appealed to us at Ecofitt is that Aztech enables over-the-air commissioning and price updates.  Additionally, no installation is required and weather has zero impact on how it works resulting in fewer call-backs and minimal customer service complaints for our staff to deal with.”

–  Ryan Hamid, Director, Conservation Programs & Development, Ecofitt, Providing LDC support for peaksaver and peaksaver PLUS programs


  It’s an awesome tool!

–  Jerimiah, San Diego Gas & Electric customer


  “My first impression of the Aztech In-home display is that I like it a lot! If it teaches me how to save money that’s always good -money in my pocket instead rahter than someone elses. So far it’s very simple to use, and technology and I don’t really get along, and I could install it fine. It took ten minutes to install, and you can just press this button on the screen and  it goes through it. So, it’s pretty easy to use, and I think anyone really could use it. …it tells you high-peak time or off-peak time, so if I am going to do something, I am going to wait the extra hour so that it’s off-peak, so that I don’t pay as much as I could be paying.”

–  Vanessa, Peterborough Utilities customer


  “Peterborough Distribution Inc. has a long history of deploying leading edge conservation concepts and devices to their customers. Their experience with load control and load shifting spans 40 years. So, it should be no surprise to their customers when PDI chose to deploy an energy display to their 9000 water heater customers in 2012, they chose Aztech for their solution.

I have had an Aztech Energy Display on my desk for 5 years. I knew then that customers would find this device intriguing and of value. Jump ahead 5 years and with Energy Displays as part of the Peaksaver Plus program; this has become a proven reality. Now that customers are on Time of Use rates, the true value of the information being presented is being realized and customers are embracing the Aztech Technology.”

– David Whitehouse, Director of Customer/Corporate Services and the Conservation Officer, PDI


“The great functionality of the Aztech IHD and its success as an educational tool made choosing it for our peaksaverPLUS customers an easy decision. Customers young and old use the IHD light arc to easily visualize their electricity consumption and reduce/shift their use to less expensive Time of Use periods. The customers now have a tool that can help them save money and learn about conservation.  They have access to important information, including the 24 hour and 30 day screens without having to go online. They don’t need to change the pricing twice a year because it is done automatically, and we can send messages to them via the IHD. The Aztech IHD helped me sell my peaksaverPLUS program by promoting the shift of energy use to off-peak periods. We have 22% of our eligible customers signed up for peaksaverPLUS and are working towards our goal of having 33% of our residential customers using an Aztech In-Home Display.

– Rene Beaulne, Manager, Hydro 2000 Inc.


  “We’ve been extremely busy getting the devices installed and running our other programs here at Acterra! The deployment is going VERY well–we’ve had LOTS of interest, and people seem to be thrilled with the devices when we come out and activate them for each resident! It’s always exciting to see how dramatically people respond when they’re able to see how much their usage goes up when they turn on a whole canned lighting system, a dryer, or a big TV!”

–  Moira Hafer, Green@Home Program Director, Acterra


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