Intuitive Solutions for Energy Conservation

Commercial_AztecMeter RD


Ground-breaking for its power and economics, AztechMeter provides the real-time electricity insights needed by Commercial & Industrial enterprises. If AztechMeter can’t show it to you, you probably don’t need to see it. more…

Commercial_AztechCEM RD

Aztech CEM +

High value, easy to install and scalable, Aztech CEM + connect you with your real-time energy use anywhere you have access to the internet –  at work, at home or at the cottage! more…

The Sub-metering Solution for:

  • Monitoring multiple circuits, 10 +
  • Municipalities
  • Industrial Manufactures
  • Commercial Building Owners
  • Global Companies
  • Residential & Vacation Complexes

The Metering Solution for:

  • Monitoring several circuits, 2-9
  • Small Business Owners and Leasees
  • Commercial Building Owners and Leasees
  • Condominium and Cooperative Owners
  • Stop Wasting Electricity Stop Wasting Electricity

    The first step to management is measurement. Knowing how much electricity you are using, when and how you are using it will enable your to gain control of your usage.

  • Start Saving Money Start Saving Money

     Aztech solutions enable you to take control of  your energy use and make informed decisions about equipment replacement, operational changes, and retrofits.

  • Protect the Environment Protect Your Company

    Conserving electricity will help reduce the need for increased electricity production and its impact on the environment; and your company’s long-term sustainability.