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Feature rich and easy to use, the Aztech In-Home Display shows you how much electricity you are using, when you are using it and how much it costs.


Smart Grid Connected

Aztech Energy Monitors for home and business are part of an integrated (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) system which enables our monitors to receive accurate, real-time utility grade electricity usage data. This connectivity ensures that your pricing, pricing plan and DST changes are automatically updated.

Will Aztech Solutions Work with My Smart Meter?

Because Aztech Energy Monitors are part of an integrated system, they communicate directly with Smart meters. This also means that the energy monitor and the rest of the system need seamless interoperability. If your Utility Company is listed on our Utility Company Interoperability list our monitors will have been validated on its AMI system.

Note: If you are an industrial or commercial user with a transformer meter, your ZigBee meter may need to be configured by your utility to allow the Aztech IHD to display usage data properly.  This should be confirmed prior to placing your IHD order.


Stop Wasting Electricity

In-Home Displays have been proven to reduce energy usage by up to 10%. Use your Aztech to increase your energy awareness and eliminate unnecessary use.


Start Saving Money

Aztech solutions enable you to take control of  your energy use and make informed decisions that will help you save money.


Protect the Environment

Using less electricity will help reduce the need for increased electricity production and its impact on the environment. Conservation is our cleanest energy resource.

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